Got A Messy Eater?

Got A Messy Eater?

Got a messy eater?
5 Helpful Tips To Keep Clean

Having a hard time keeping your pet’s feeding area neat and organized? Is finding kibble on your flood driving you nuts? Well you can breathe a sigh of relief and read on! These 5 tips will help you keep feeding time clean, organized and orderly so that you don’t have to keep finding mess or cleaning the same area five times a day!



1. Collapsible Scoops for Feeding




Feeding can be a hectic experience if you’ve got an energetic pet! It’s a lot smoother when you're not looking all over the place for your kibble scoop! Collapsible kibble scoops that are pre-measured out to portion sizes are a must have in any household. The best kind clip to the bag for a no-searching-involved feeding experience. They usually come in a variety of materials and colors, just make sure the one you use is pet safe! 



2. Use an Under Bowl Mat 




Sometimes when pets eat, they make a mess! Throwing kibble and water around, leaving a floor in need of cleaning. Placing a silicone mat underneath your pet’s bowl is a great way to reduce the amount of kibble and water that makes it to your floor, and offers an easy cleaning solution. Just pick it up, toss the kibble and wash the mat. If only everything was that easy!




3. Use an Oversized Bowl





Sometimes your pet likes their food so much they don’t even notice when they spill half of it out by shoving their furry face into the bowl, practically flipping it over. Other times your pet is driving the bowl around the floor with their nose! You can save everyone a lot of effort by using a bigger bowl. The added weight makes it harder to tip or flip, and it gives your pet all the room they need to stick their face in and eat up!




4. Feed at Designated Times 




Feeding at designated times allows you to keep control of how much food is out at any given time, and prevents you from having to find any unexpected messes. It also builds better eating habits for your pet, and encourages cleanliness. You’ll never have to walk in to a room and find a flipped bowl and kibble strewn across the floor!




5. Keep Water & Kibble Apart




Keeping water and kibble apart allows your pet to take a momentary break between chewing and drinking, and prevents a whole lot of mess! It allows your pet to focus on drinking or eating and makes your life easier! It may seem common sense to separate them, but you’d be surprised how many people still keep their food and water bowls together! Your pet needs space, and it’s for the best!


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