Wholesome Brand Showcase #1: Fromm Family Foods

Wholesome Brand Showcase #1: Fromm Family Foods

Wholesome Brand Showcase

What's In Your Pet's Food?
In these days, with pet costs being what they are, we all want what's best for our pets, but do we feed them the best? We live in an age in which much of our food, and our pet’s food, comes from the internet and mega-corporations. As convenient as it may be, it brings one question to mind:

What’s really in it?

Sometimes reading the label is not enough, and it takes looking into the brand to find out who is bagging your pet’s food. We’ve decided to showcase some brands that we feel are high value brands that are healthy, nutritious, safe and effective for your pet.

The first in our series is Fromm Family Foods.

Fromm Family Foods
Fromm Family Foods has been around for over a hundred years. They are a Fifth-Generation Family Owned and Operated company based in Wisconsin. Family owned and operated companies are rare these days, and it really makes a difference when those who are making the food your pet eats are invested in it themselves.

In the 1930s, they developed the first canine distemper vaccine, which revolutionized healthcare for pets around the world. When 1949 rolled around, Fromm was ready with their pioneering new design, a process to cook meat and grain together to create dry kibble, the very pet food that is so popular today.

Fromm owns and operates two dry food and treat manufacturing facilities and a wet food cannery, all in Wisconsin. Every bag and can of Fromm dog and cat food comes from one of those facilities! Since they own the plants that they operate, they have full control over the quality and safety behind the products they produce. This means they control important things like sanitation and pest control, sourcing of ingredients, preparation of meat and produce, and the blending, processing and packaging of your pet’s food. They even do their own in-house laboratory analysis.

Fromm Food Safety
Fromm uses what they call their “Approved Supplier Program” that ensures ingredients have been tested by their suppliers and are secure and unadulterated until they are received at Fromm’s plants. The ingredients are then sampled and tested for integrity. None of the ingredients are unloaded until they pass the lab test! This guarantees the analysis on their labels is accurate.

The packaged and dry pet food and treats are then sampled and tested by an outside lab as well to test for pathogenic bacteria. Nothing can be shipped until the lab results show a clear pass! This makes sure that you can rest easy knowing their pet foods are wholesome!

When canning wet foods, temperatures, times and pressures are all monitored and recorded during the entire cooking process and require verification by TWO authorized individuals who check to make sure everything is gravy! That’s pretty awesome! After that, sample cans from every cooker are incubated for some time to verify that there are no microbes. Only once they are verified as sterile and safe, are they allowed to be shipped out!

We want your pets to be healthy and happy, eating wholesome and sound meals. Next time you go to put some food in your pet’s bowl, ask yourself:
Do I know where my pet's food comes from?


Check out Fromm’s website if you’d like to learn more about their history or see all of the delicious recipes they make! Fromm’s family values, long American history and heritage, and their commitment to pet health and nutrition for over a hundred years makes them one brand that we are more than happy to show love for!

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