Wholesome Brand Showcase #3: Tosaky Forge

Wholesome Brand Showcase #3: Tosaky Forge

Here at Monighetti's we like to praise brands that we feel promote wholesome values, and what can be more wholesome than family? In a day and age where major corporations are swallowing up everything and most opt to open a franchise instead of striking out on their own, we are proud to present to you this next brand: Tosaky Forge.

Tosaky Forge was started in 2007 by Tony Kingery and his wife Dana. He has been a full time farrier since 1997 and with his knife making experience, it occurred to him that there was definitely room for improvement in the tools he was using. Rather than wait for progress to come to him, he decided to design his own. Tony's knives and tools are designed to make every aspect of work at the anvil and horse easier.

When I spoke to Tony, he was a very down to earth man, and was very proud of his family business and their involvement in it. Tosaky get's it's name from Tony and Dana's three daughters; Toni, Sara and Kyli. Everything they sell is produced by them personally in Colorado. It's fantastic to know that you can contact not only the owner of the company, but the very people that made your tools! How's that for company accessibility?

Here's our interview with Tony!

Monighetti's: What was it like for you first starting out your designs?

Tony: When I first started out... I always have loved knives and wanted to improve on the hoof knives that were on the market. The first blade design I made worked exactly like I had hoped and I am still making the same blade today.

Monighetti's: What are your foundations as a family and as a business?

 Family has always come first for me.  Having a family of my own was very important to me and naming the business after my three girls made sense. My wife Dana and I have been married 26 years and she helps me in every aspect of the company.  

The ToSaKy girls, Toni, Sara & Kyli

Monighetti's: Do your children have any interest in learning the trade?

Tony: All three girls have helped us run machines, glue, package, ship and run a booth at horseshoeing and blacksmithing shows. 

Do you have anything to say about your brand?

Tony: Our business model has always been honesty, no compromise, quality and value. Our products are backed by a personal warranty farrier to farrier. 

My phone is always open for customers to call me directly.

Thanks to Tony, Dana and the family for giving us some of their time! It's clear to see why we would want to promote Tosaky Forge, the people behind the brand are what's important!


Farrier tools isn't all Tony makes though, check out some of his other work! 😍

These days the girls have grown and Tony has also been joined by his son in-law, Jacob! Jacob specializes in making hammers. We can only hope that this wonderful company grows as the years go on and enjoys much more success.

(The ToSaKy girls now!)


Check out Weaver’s website if you’d like to learn more about their history! Weaver’s family values, long American history and heritage, and their commitment to quality leather workmanship, traditional workers, and horse comfort, makes them one brand that we are more than happy to show love for!




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