Sandpurge Psyllium 20 lb.

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Sandpurge™ is an apple and molasses flavored psyllium product formulated with 100% Pure Psyllium Seed Husk. It is used to help in the removal of sand and dirt from the intestinal tract of horses. SANDPURGE™ supports healthy gut function and may help reduce the possibility of sand colic. Best fed one week per month as a purge administration to remove dirt and sand from the gut in volume.

• Psyllium (Water Soluble Mucilliod) - Used to Encapsulate Sand and Dirt for Removal from the Gut.
• Palatable and Easy to Administer Pellets with No Gooey Mess.
• Supports Healthy Digestive System and May Help Reduce the Possibility of Sand Colic.
• Contains Apple & Molasses Flavoring that Horses Love.