MoorMan's ShowTec Hi-Fat 16% BMD 50 lb. Bag (Call to Special Order)

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#16700AGNE4 MoorMan's ShowTec 16% BMD 50 lb. Bag

For show pigs with higher intakes that need to develop full body while maintaining muscle and cover
  • Complete feed for pigs weighing 50 lb to show that benefit from targeted protein and fat to develop a full-body while maintaining muscle shape over the top and expansion of the ribs and flank
  • 16% protein, 0.9% lysine and 7% fat
  • Supplies complexed (organic) zinc for hoof integrity, skin and immunity
  • Provides the enzyme phytase for increased phosphorus availability from plants, favorable impact on environment due to less phosphorus excreted in manure and may facilitate release of additional feed nutrients
  • Medicated with BMD®*
  • Mini-pellet; 50-lb bag