Lindner 685 Show 16% BMD 50 lbs.



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685 is the 16% of choice as it allows you to MAINTAIN a proper growth rate and muscle development. 685 is truly a SAFE feed that preserves a show-ready look. Blends great with 632 (to grow and maintain) or 611 (to flesh even more).


Crude Protein, min 16.0%
Calcium 0.60 – 0.70%
Phosphorus, min 0.50%
Salt 0.3 – 0.8%
Lysine, min 1.0%
Crude Fat, min 6.5%
Selinium, min 0.4 ppm
Crude Fiber, max 3.50%
Zinc, min 115 ppm

Lindner’s Grower Finisher is a complete feed and should be fed continuously as the sole ration. Provide fresh water at all times.

Follow feeding directions at all times. This product contains added selenium. Intake of supplemental selenium should not exceed 0.3 parts per million on a complete diet basis or a total of 3 milligrams per head per day. Store in a dry area. DO NOT use any product that has become old, molded or insect contaminated.